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CAS.No: 127-40-2
Molecular formula: C40H56O2
Catalog: Health Care

Lutein is a member of the carotenoid family, a group of powerful antioxidants. Lutein is a xanthophyll, which is a type of carotenoid found in high concentrations in dark-green, leafy vegetables and in egg yolks.
Lutein helps protect your eyes and skin from ultraviolet (UV) damage; its yellow color blocks blue (UV) light from absorption. The macula in the retina contains a lot of lutein, which not only provides the eyes with protection from sunlight UV rays, but also seems to lower the risk of developing Age-related Macular Degeneration.
Lutein also protects the skin from UV damage, as well as free-radical damage. lutein reduces inflammation and redness in the skin, and may even help prevent skin cancer.


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